About Us

It's seems that most people find it weird when I share them my domain name and I find it funny when they all throw me the same question "Why Penguin?"

Well my answer is, "Why not?"

A friend of mine once dubbed me as "Penguin" as I am honestly short and stout and I also walk slowly with tiny steps (kind of similar to them). I always got left behind them when we stroll in the mall.

I am not super minimalist, but I mostly wear clothes with black and white scheme which pays a bit of resemblance to it. I like it that way as this saves time and neurons to think which match would be great and I know I am not the only one who thinks like this.

It is funny how I came up with this blog name but I prefer this "Penguin" tag to me than other animals 'cause I believe it's better.

Why Penguin on the Go?

What are the Penguin traits that suits?

Due to my sudden interest I began researching about these mammals behavior. On a site, I've read that Penguins do travel in troops as birds fly with flocks. I am adjacent to that as I love to travel with a flock. I am very sociable as I am extremely extrovert by nature. Although travelling alone may not sound so bad, I believe that with my friends it would be way better.

Why on the go?

Not your usual girl that prepares in hours. I can fix myself to an appointment in no time.

Back then, my dream job was to be a reporter, and this field requires an on-the-go kind of staff. I am mostly productive in doing things with my adrenaline on as I am used to live in a fast-paced life.