Cambodia and its historical temples

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February 16, 2017
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Cambodia and its historical temples

After our amazing 5 Day trip to Thailand, we headed toward its neighboring country, Cambodia. From Bangkok we’ve booked a night-travel bus to cross the border, and our hostel- Hits Hotel, assisted us in making our booking. We met the bus at 1:00 am and we rode a five-hour trip of a sleeper bus via Virak Buntham Express which had cost us THB 950 or Php 1615. You can book directly to their site or can either book on the local hotel you are staying for sure they do tie ups with these agencies. There are also travelling agencies around Khao San Road as there are a lot of travellers that cross the borders so no need to worry. Around 5:30 in the morning we have expressly arrived the border of Cambodia and we have waited up few more hours as the immigration opens at 7am. It took us a bit late to process and it was around 11 am that we have finally checked in at Naga Hotel. From the bus drop off point, Virak had offered free ride to our designated hotels via a partner tuk-tuk of their company. This tuk-tuk driver asked if he could service us all day since it will be his mean of income on the said date.
Please be careful with tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia as they set to give tourist a higher price, so do all your best to huddle with the best price for the service. Check on the updated rates if you are to go and visit the place. In our case, we are opt to pay $20 for our tuk-tuk service for half day but we bargained it up to $15 or Php 800. The tuktuk driver promised to bring us in 5 best temples but our time had only covered 3 temples. It is perfect to go temple hopping in Cambodia before the sun rises, an early trip must be the best option. Moreover sunsets are the best as well, just like in our case we had half a day to explore temples and we were able to catch the kiss of the sun’s goodbye. The first stop is to get your Angkor Archaeological Park Tickets that would cost you around Php 2000.00. This will serve as your overall pass to the whole park. Be ready as this includes having your photo taken, so freshen up and smile. (Do not be like us haha)

Temple of Ta Prohm

We had lunch at a local eatery near the temple of Ta Prohm to prepare us in our maze exploration and temple and history appreciation.
The start of adventure begins at the temple of Ta Prohm. This is one of the most famous temples to visit in Angkor. Built in the 12th Century it was originally named as Rajavihara. Established by Khmer King Jayavarman VII in 1189 to worship her mother, Jayarajachudanami. The Queen’s Tomb was believed to be inside the temple. Unlike other temples, Ta Prohm is preserved with its original construction not having furbished of the modern century. It’s jungle-like temples make it a top as enormous roots and trunks covers the entire temple. It was abandoned in the 15th century at the jungle had it covered. Ta Prohm also has the famous “Tomb Raider Tree” where visitors take most pictures. This was where a scene from The Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie, was taken.
Moreover this first temple we visited caught us in awe immediately and it took us just more than an hour in exploring it and taking some shots as well. It seems like many Filipinos have been here as well. To our surprise many Cambodian child who sells ref magnets along the temples, can speak tagalog like “Ate ganda bili na kayo” (come on buy pretty elder sister) and “Tatlo isang daan piso” (three for one-hundred pesos). We find it cute but later on we realized that life in Cambodia is also tough like other third world countries that even these minors strive to earn money.

Bayon Temple

The temple of Bayon was a very iconic as i should say. I am amazed how these statues and temples were done years way back. This is also a perfect spot to flaunt and strike for your perfect pose. We took a quick tour around Bayon Temple and this

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