How to go to Alishan from Taoyuan Airport by bus

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January 17, 2019

How to go to Alishan from Taoyuan Airport by bus

The Cheapest Way on How to go to Alishan from Taoyuan Airport by Bus

If you have been searching for How to go to Alishan from Taipei you are on the right track just keep on reading.
Alishan is located at the heart of Chiayi County, the southern part of Taipei. It is famous for its national scenic park that is truly a must visit place in Taiwan.

Since most flights are bound to Taoyuan Airport here's a guide to help you reach the county via bus.
This might be the cheapest option to get there for about 6 hours in total.
This blog was made as we have collated information from people who helped us through our research and by documenting our own experience.
From Taoyuan Airport head to the bus bay on the ground level and go to the bus companies counters. You can buy tickets to Chiayi with these bus companies like Ubus and Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport
As most travelers would like to do, we didn't manage to book tickets online but we have managed to book the last trip via Ubus which left the airport at exactly 21:25 upon our arrival.
Booths for bus companies are located at the ground area called bus bay. Note that modes of transport strictly follow timetables so you can't be late.
From Taoyuan you will be sent to Chungli lounge and there you will wait for roughly 10 to 15 minutes for a bus transfer.
Your next bus trip will be Chungli to Chiayi Station which will take about 4 hours.
Upon arriving Chiayi you will be needing to travel for two more hours to reach Alishan.
This may sound a long and tiring journey but it is definitely worth it. I recommend traveling by night as this 6-hour journey can be your overnight bus and will save you time and money. It is also convenient to travel by this time as roads are clearer than daytime.
The roads going to Alishan are quite challenging (zigzag and sharp curves) so make sure you are prepared in case of motion sickness.

How to go to Alishan in late night hours?

You can still go to Alishan from Chiayi on wee hours if you want to save up time and hotel expense via night travel. Most backpackers or budget travelers would prefer this type of win-win case.

Chiayi to Alishan route is serviced by Bus number 7322 and has scheduled trips. When you can’t catch the designated bus schedule, you can rent a cab directly to Alishan or wait for the first bus trip that would be around 5:55 am.

How to go to Alishan in daytime?

It is easier to find services in the morning. From Chiayi Station, you can ride the bus to Chiayi. Bus number 7322 goes to Chiayi to Alishan and vice versa. This will cost you around 240 TWD if you pay via cash or 211 TWD if you use your Easy Card.

If you are traveling in a group, there are a lot of dispatchers that makes a really good deal. We took this option as we travel with colleagues.
Arrangers will give you a private 9 seater van for 250/ pax. Though it will cost you a bit more than the bus fare (240 NTD) the convenience and time saved are all worth it.

How to go to Alishan directly?

If you are looking for the most convenient way on how to go to Alishan, there is.
There are direct buses from Taipei Main district to Alishan. This is Bus number 1835.
However this bus schedule is very limited.
This schedule is based on helpful Taiwan traveler's community;
Kuo-Kuang Bus 1835 - 8:45 pm daily

Where to Stay at Chiayi

For our trip we decided to rest fa or few hours at Chiayi county and travel to Alishan in the morning so we abruptly booked a hotel nearby. Across the bus station, there are numbers of cheap yet good places to stay in. Bear in mind that accommodations in Chiayi are a bit cheaper than accommodations inside Alishan proper. Other travelers stay in Chiayi, then just travel to Alishan to proceed.
Chiayi is a pretty quiet place that’s why Chiayi is my favorite County
We stayed at Chiayi Crown Hotel. It was good and cheap, and we are glad they accommodated us even at 2:00 in the morning.

Where to Stay at Alishan

We have booked a pretty good deal at Ali-Shan Dengshan Hotel, which has a great window view and a nice and cozy area. Our stay at Alishan was still freezing down to 8 degree celsius at night time even on the spring season.
There are many top spots Taiwan has to offer besides the city, but I know there will be questions like Is Alishan worth the travel, or What to do at Alishan so you might consider to add it in your itinerary, but trust me when I say it is worth the long journey.
Take your Google Translate with you everywhere as not many people speak English outside Taipei.
I hope this blog helped you. Feel free to drop your comments and questions below, I will be glad to help you.

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