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August 12, 2017

I Choose Juice x Brews!

© Melvz Mejia

Tea lovers must try the newest tea house in town, Juice x Brews situated at Angeles Medical Center’s new building!

lady-drinking-bubble-tea-while-eating-cake juice-x-brews-facade

Nothing beats a laid-back afternoon enjoying your cup of coffee or tea and a good company!

Not your ordinary franchised tea house

This newly opened bubble tea shop is beyond the norm as they are originally made by the Reyes siblings.

Martin Joseph Reyes and Mark Dominic Reyes, the owners of Juice x Brews, are really hands-on on their business as they are dedicated to give tea lovers and blend enthusiasts the best of the best shots.

Unlike other tea houses, Juice x Brews gives out the freshest hand-pressed brews, mixing it with different tastes of the world.

juice x brews menu juice-x-brew-menu-2

“Di lang kami katulad ng mga artisinal na bubble teas, kasi meron din kaming tinitignang standards from other countries na mga bubble tea shops,” exclaimed Martin as he connote that their tea shop is beyond the taste of what is ordinary, bench marking on other countries’ set of standards.

Beyond their bubble teas and other beverages, what people don’t know is that their delicious pastries are made by them. Funny thing is no one in their brothers or sisters is a cook or have taken a course related to cooking or baking. But the love for food runs in their blood, and expect delish food everywhere in the food capital of the Philippines.

strawberry-cheesecake sansrival-juice-x-brews

Their displayed anime figurines that are Mark’s collectibles added a great vibe in setting the ambiance. This place is your quick escape to all the stress you are polluted with.

Since the stall is with a hospital premise, people from the hospital are their target market. Martin told us that he himself had experienced idle times in the hospital when their mom went sick and by that instance, he believes a tea shop sitting near the hospital would be definitely great. The shop also offers board games or bored games rather like Jenga and Mad dog, adding up fun to their diners.

Drinks start at Php 50.00!

Juice x Brews opens at 9 in the morning and caters customers up to nine in the evening. Feel free to drop by today!

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