Mt. Pamitinan Twin Hike

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March 2, 2018

Mt. Pamitinan Twin Hike

Mountain's name: Mt. Pamitinan
Location: Rodriguez, Rizal
Trail: Rock formation, Sharp limestone climb
Difficulty: 4/10

Mountain's name: Mt. Hapunang Banoi
Location: Rodriguez, Rizal
Trail: Rock formation, Sharp limestone climb
Difficulty: 4/10

It was supposed to be a trilogy hike as we impulsively accepted the "Montalban Trilogy Hike challenge" by our witty tour guide Kuya Eman. But the funny thing is we didn't reach the third mountain which was the famous Mt. Binacayan but instead we traverse to Wawa Dam.

I highly recommend you to do the same as local guides will prioritize you among other hikers since you are to finish three peaks supposedly.

Before anything else let me give you our itinerary. (Though we were a bit late, you can plan a hike that will be way earlier)

0500- Cubao UV Express Terminal in front of Gateway mall
Take Van from Cubao to Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal
0530- Arrival at Eastwood take tricycle to Brgy. Wawa
0600- Arrival at Brgy. Wawa/ Registration at DENR
0630- Start of Trek to Mt. Pamitinan
0845- Summit of Mt. Pamitinan
0900- Summit Photo Op
0930- Way down to the nearest station
1045- Early Lunch
1100- Continue trek to Mt. Hapunang Banoi
0100- Reach Mt. Hapunang Banoi's peak
0300- Went down the Mountain
0315- Traverse to Wawa Dam
0430- Finish up
0530- Early Dinner
0540- Thrift Shopping (Ukay-ukay)
0600- Departure take tricycle back to FX Terminal for Cubao
0800- Arrival at Manila

Our first hike of 2017 hit history as we started the year right. So my friends and I tried to hike for the first time with each other. Two of us had tried hiking in 2016 but the other two are first timers.

This trip had only cost us Php 700-800 inclusive of food and transportation. We also suggest fellow hikers to commute via PUV's as it will be difficult to drive when your own your way home noting your physical exhaustion.

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