Mt. Pulag: Chasing the Sea of Clouds and the Rising Sun

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October 8, 2018

Mt. Pulag: Chasing the Sea of Clouds and the Rising Sun

Mt. Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon, Philippines as it is 9600 ft. above sea level.

Location: Benguet MASL: 2922+ Trail: Plain Field, Muddy, Mossy Forest Difficulty: 3/9

As this is the highest mountain peak in our island group, Luzon, we are enticed to see the beauty atop and experience the talk of the town, the sea of clouds. Our group has been extremely excited since we booked our trip. For our case, we have found a group that would organize our climb, but you can always do a DIY-trip which I recommend, as this would more likely save you money.

NOTE: All trekkers should have medical certificate No medical certificate No trekking Tents, Headlamps, Sleeping bags are not included in the package

I really wished I had great photos back then. To the our beloved graduating students, go and book a GradSquad Package as soon as you confirm you’re a candidate for graduation! Kudos!

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