Nay’s Ice Candy – Filipino Childhood sweet treats

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Nay’s Ice Candy – Filipino Childhood sweet treats

Enliving our Child hood with Nay’s Ice Candy

The rise of ice candies grow every time the sun is about to hit its hottest. Summer, flips board with “Ice and Ice Candies For Sale.

When I was a kid my mom creates and sells classic homemade ice candy. Not everybody know what in the world are ice candies, as the western countries and other countries are more fond of eating soft-serve ice creams and other classy sweet goodies.

The price then was like one peso for one iced-candy that was for Filipinos love desserts and smoothies and surprisingly I can count my non-sweet tooth friends using my hands. But as our Filipino childhood is incorporated with a tube-like iced pops, non can compare with the memory it brings back. These are just priceless.

What Make Iced-Candies different?

Unlike other iced desserts, iced candies are usually frozen fruit juices or iced flavored-drink that are usually creamy though a bit rough in texture. This is more-like Filipino’s version of iced pop or popsicle. The thing is we don’t use popsicle sticks or ice pop trays. Iced candies are placed on a plastic tube and traditionally tied when an enough amount is poured in.

It has been years when I had my last piece of iced-candy, glad we bumped into an enthusiastic entrepreneur who had loved iced candies.

Stepping up your Ice Candy Experience!

Nay’s Ice Candy is a local brand of iced-candy. From the name itself, Nay’s, which is a short term of the Filipino word Inay/ Nanay meaning mother. Founded by an enthusiastic entrepreneur and his fiancé as a small start-up business that envisions to help house moms earn a living as well. One good thing about this product’s advocacy is their belief that “Poverty is not inevitable but entrepreneurship is the best solution” making a way for a change.

The main twist Nay’s Ice Candy gives is it sweet and creamy taste that comes in flavors that we loved like avocado, chocolate and even a bubble-gum flavor. This is definitely gives a new twist to our all-time favorite.

Though more and more desserts and ice cream variations has arrived in the Philippines, still nothing beats the classics.

For Inquiries contact or or visit their Facebook page.

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