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Shrimp Avenue, your new Seafood house!

Try out the newest Seafood house in town, Shrimp Avenue, offering you the crustacean band under the sea!
"Everybody loves seafood except those with allergies," exclaimed Sir Edgar, as he discussed on how he was inspired to establish the business. This resto has a "marine-inspired" theme, giving a cruise dining vibe.
It is definitely a new place to visit, perfect for family gatherings and colleagues reunions.
shrimp avenue7

© Armela Patalud

As a soup enthusiast, this one really got me hooked. It is a thick and creamy soup beyond our typical crab and corn. The rich consistency makes it a bit gooey then here comes some corn bits that makes everything perfect.

So what makes it Different from other Cajun Seafood restos?

The owner of Shrimp Avenue has passionately created the recipes on his own from scratch. He claimed that recipes are patterned from the ones he had abroad. Their herbs and spices are of course a top secret. As Kapampangans are known to be passionate in cooking this is something we expect from our natives.

shrimp avenue4

This jaw dropping food would truly make your day. Cajuns are absolutely amazing and once its poured it is truly mouth-watering.

Surprisingly, the team sets up a neat manila-paper like on the table before you get and dine in. This gives the diners a boodle fight feast-like atmosphere that most Filipinos endears. You have the freedom to use your bare hands (Filipino style) in eating or optionally you could ask for plastic gloves to prevent food stench and mess, it will totally depend on how you would love to enjoy your food.

Here's a checklist to guide you

Food/CuisineSeafood and more
Price RangePhp 200.00 and above
Skip your diet plan and dive into the buckets served. You deserve it! Bring out the whole family for a treat!

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